The Game Technician


Dec 2015


Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Review – Light All The Things

Intro When it comes to case lighting things sure have come a long way since the early days of cold cathode lighting. Today’s solutions, from single color led strips to full RGB ropes of color, all have one thing in common – adhesive. This is a trend that Bitfenix has decided to buck by ditching […]

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Nov 2015


Rival 100 by SteelSeries: Enter the Affordable Gaming Mouse

When it comes to PC gaming I have one sin that I admittedly never really cared too much to address – the peripherals I use to game on. The keyboard and mouse I use are a Logitech MK320 wireless set that I found at Office Depot for $20. With young ones in the house I […]

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Shield Android TV Remote & Controller


Oct 2015


NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and GeForce NOW Review: Champion of Android TV

Followers of The Game Technician may recall that back in March Jason wrote an article on Forbes┬ácovering the announcement for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. While this is based on Jason’s experience in technology and gaming it never did get a full-fledged review and so today we’d like to rectify that. Since we have the ...

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